Photo by Tristan Melano

Photo by Tristan Melano

Marcia van Oers

When people ask me ‘what I do’ I always faced minor difficulties. Some people know me as a communications advisor, a policy advisor, a copywriter or editor, others think I’m a content manager a project manager or a producer. Then another person comes around the corner: ‘hey, you’re that photographer!’

To be honest with you: I spent years to define ‘what’ I am. I sat down several times to make choices, put myself in a ‘box’ but the box just didn’t fit me. So let me tell you who I am: a creative thinker. And creativity is limitless.
Think of me as someone who can connect the right dots, because of all this experience. Being both skilled in the broad media field (advertising, magazines and TV) and public sector.


My goal in life is to create & connect in the broadest sense. I trace problems (and opportunities) superfast. I’m able to see and make (unfamiliar) connections, which makes it easy to be a connector.

Creative thinking & problem-solving are my most valuable assets (next to being multi-faceted). Because of my deep curiosity I’d like to research things from A to Z, discover everything that is needed to get the job done as perfect is possible. (Self) development is most valuable to me. As a fast-learner – and an eager one –  I’m open to job opportunities that share these values and offer possibilities to grow together, and challenges.

I have a lot of work experience in the field of safety and security.
This links to my sense of justice.


★Communication Advice
★Policy advise; strategy
★Content Strategy
★Content Creation/Copywriting/Storytelling/Editing
★Content Management

★Concepts; innovative & strategic thinking
★Connecting people & opportunities
★Content production skills: photography, film, infographics, visual presentations, graphic design
★ Worked in both the public and private sector
★ Knowledge of various software and CMS programs, i.e. HIPPO CMS
★ I own photography, (small) film and audio gear


As an explorer I love to gain more in-depth knowledge in different fields.
The work fields that interest me:

Justice: Safety & Security
New Technologies (i.e. AI), Cyber & IT
Organization development & Change Management
Policy & Strategy
Education  & Development
People & Empowerment
Innovation & Research
Travel, Leisure & The World
Creative environments